About Me

I’m a student at the University of Nevada in Reno. I hale from Minden, Nevada in the heart of the Carson Valley. Upon graduating from Douglas High School, I was ready to explore the world around me. This simple desire commenced my journey to UNR. Currently, I’m studying business, though I’m interested in exploring a variety of disciplines as I look to find what I’m truly passionate about. A bit nomadic, I am enjoying the journey.

Technology is multifaceted and I feel like I understand what I use, but outside of this, I feel tentative. I know that technology is important for connecting personally and professionally. It is both linear and creative. It is a gift and a curse. This Covid experience has tested my knowledge and patience regarding technology; I wish I was more knowledgeable and fluent with its use. I guess I would say that my relationship with technology is “complicated” – double entendre entended.

Having a strong understanding of technology is critical for all in these days. We use it to entertain, connect, and persuade. Whether it’s knowing how to use apps, sending emails for work, creating pitches that communicate clearly, or performing basic home improvements using the 3D printer, technology is both relevant and useful.